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Since 2016, Film-maker/Photographer/Producer Adomako Aman has premiered a documentary titled Dancing in the Dark that focuses on the New York City gay experience and how it goes hand and with nightlife culture. 

It has gone to screen in New York City, Baltimore & London. Online (Youtube) the documentary holds over half 1,000,000 views and have gained the attention of The Huffington Post, IndieWire, Paper Magazine, Vice Magazine, Dazed and Confused Magazine, HyperAllergic Magazine, The Voice UK News Paper, City College, Columbia College and many organizations & platforms.

Aman has then premiered projects such as Aman Love, Fish & Sade Tribute Video.


Aman in the past have received endorsements from Pantene, Apparis, The North Face, Boohooman Official, MeriaGold and many other brands  . 

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