Since 2016 until present Fashion Photographer turn Film-Maker Adomako Aman has premiered a documentary titled Dancing in the Dark that focuses on the New York City gay experience and how it goes hand and with nightlife culture. 

It has gone to screen in New York City, Baltimore & London. Online (Youtube) the documentary holds close to 500,00 views and have gained the attention of The Huffington Post, IndieWire, Galore Magazine, Vice Magazine, Dazed and Confused Magazine, HyperAllergic Magazine, AfroPunk Online, The Voice UK News Paper, City College, Columbia College, Dazed and Confused Magazine. Fashion teams such as Calvin Klein, Phillip Plein, Versace & Land Lord New York have also taken a strong like to this film and its importance. 

Adomako has then premiered his online docu-series Aman Love and now interested entering narrative story telling.

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